Does anyone know where to view deleted scenes from Series 1 (Ninth Doctor)? The only one I know off hand is the deleted hug from Dalek. Are there others?

If not, where is the Dalek hug found? 


omg .. that movie was the end of my childhood but now i’m thinking how the doctor and rose must have watched this movie and they both cried and they would say this line to each other cause they are silly and then doomsday :’((((((((

hgfkhfdsa. And I bet they never finished the movie (because they were snuggled together of the sofa and there were more important things to be done, like Rose counting the number of freckles on his cheeks and the Doctor braiding her hair in an ancient Gallifryean style but never telling her its origin). Until one day, long after Canary Wharf and Bad Wolf Bay, the Doctor flops across the bitterly empty sofa and watches the end and finally, finally breaks down and cries those tears.

Because her forever was never going to match his, but he never imagined it would only mean a few more weeks. 

Reason #8028309 that taking the job in Boston was the right move: one of my new lab-mates asked me if he should try watching Doctor Who (I think he assumed that since I lived in England I watched it. Wrong logic, correct result!). Not only was I able to convince him to start with Nine, but he just sent me pictures of Ten’s sonic screwdriver he printed me on his 3D printer…

Life is good.